Ford Maverick ST?

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Ford Maverick ST?

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So far, it appears to be just a rumor and the picture in the article I am linking is photoshop… but for anyone that is interested in a performance version of the “crossover with a bed” they call a small truck… here it is. Maybe.

Personally, I don’t need a truck every day. I need a commuter vehicle. I do residential window cleaning on the side, maybe once a week, so the hybrid trim actually appeals to me. The turbo model isn’t a bad option, though. I read somewhere it does 0-60 in 14.7 seconds. Respectable. Not exactly a performance vehicle but faster than my Koup EX for sure! Max tow capacity of 4k lbs, it’ll pull a jet ski or two.

Pretty underwhelming as a “truck” but very practical as a crossover. An ST model will be pretty cool, I guess.

And if I’m being honest, I think the only competitor (currently), the Hyundai Santa Cruz, looks better. It’s like they are intentionally trying to avoid being relatable to actual trucks, they even call it a sports adventure vehicle. Smart marketing. ... verick-st/
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