The Rules

This is where some people post things that don't belong in other forums and most people post things that do.
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The Rules

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These rules are not here for our amusement. They are also not here for your amusement. They are meant to be followed. Breaking the rules is not acceptable, no matter how much you want to or how convenient it may be for you. We will not, in general, be lenient OR amused.

Breaking any of the following rules WILL result in any or all of the following:

I. Admission to the doghouse (which means your posts will be moderated before being allowed on the forum).
II. Banning.

If you feel these rules are unreasonable, you are free to leave. If you decide to stay, you will be subject to them. Failure to read the rules is NOT an excuse for breaking them!


0. Admin's and Mod's have final say on any and all things. WE are always right.

1. These rules can be changed at any given time. Notice will be given in the form of the 'updated' date in the title. It is not difficult to check this date once in a while; please do it, and save us and you all sorts of trouble.

2. Keep all sigs clean and appropriate, if you have questions... don't do it.
2a. No content that is NSFW will be posted or tolerated in your signatures.

3. All sigs must be under 100KB and less than 400 px wide by 300 px tall, or 100 px tall and 500 pix wide. ONLY ONE PIC AND ONE LINE OF TEXT, no exceptions, smileys are a picture. If you have text only, no more than 4 lines as viewed on a 600x800 screen. Font size for text should not be modified. Bold, italics, and colors may be changed.

4. Please don't post just a smilie. A simple sentence with it would be much appreciated. Too many posts of just a smilie and someone on staff will mention it to you.

5. 1 Username per person

6. Discussion of file sharing is limited. Discussing file sharing applications is permissible; requesting or posting links to illegal software, movies or any other copyright-infringing content will result in a warning and then a banning.

7. The doghouse (post moderation) is how we punish those we don't quite want to ban yet. If you find yourself in the DH, it's because you have not been playing well with others. Failure to follow the rules in this post can lead to a stint in the doghouse.

8. Content which might not be suitable for viewing at work MUST be tagged with NSFW. Do NOT post NSFW content in any thread not marked at such! If you feel you must, then link it using URL tags, NOT IMG tags!

9. Do not use the term "Official" in your thread title for the purpose of gatherings and/or road trips. Official implies that AR's staff condones or supports a particular activity and we may not. If AR's staff wants an official thread on something, the staff will make it. Using the term "official" for things such as the weight loss thread is acceptable.

12. We also have a search function on this forum. Please use it first. It is realized that at times search throws back a ton of results, and you may miss what you are looking for. However, if you have something to contribute, it is generally better to keep it in one thread so that others after you do not have to search out multiple threads for information regarding any of the many subjects we discuss on this site.

13. Mods tend to be protected by the Admins on here rather firmly. If a mod asks you to stop, or tells you to stop, or corrects you on something regarding the site, listen to them. They are to be treated as mini-admins and given the same respect. A flame on a mod tends to be treated far more severely than a flame on an admin due to the fact that most people know they are without certain powers. They are just as much a part of the staff as the admins are, so tread lightly if you decide to get nasty to them. If you feel you were wronged by a mod, then feel free to contact an admin to plead your case (through PM, IM, or however you know how to contact an admin).

14. No nudity! NSFW doesn't mean you can post nudes. They still have to have specific areas covered. In other words, if they wouldn't be allowed on a public non-nudity beach, then don't post it.

15. Word filters are there for a reason. Finding ways around them will result in a warning first, then the ban kicks in. If it's a chronic issue, the ban will become longer and longer until it's foreeeeeeeveeeeerrrrrrr.
15a. Racist and homophobic comments are forbidden . If you do it, you will be doghoused. If it continues, you WILL be banned. Words in picture contents DO count, and fall under this rule. Post accordingly.

16. These rules will be enforced by the staff. Keep in mind we are only human and cannot be everywhere at once. It is possible that we may miss something. If it is a large infraction, please feel free to use the report a post option.

17. Posting photos of illegal activity is a NO-NO. We have police on this site, and as a lot of information is exchanged between users as well as available to the general public if they know where to look, this is not only for your own protection but also for everyone else's as well as the shareholders of the site. Use common sense, and be respectful to the officers of the law that like to enjoy this site. You will be warned, and then you will be banned.


1. PICTURES!!! There MUST be pictures in your post, if not, expect it to be deleted. ESPECIALLY if it's just a link to another site with no pictures.

2. Your car's year, make, and model must be in the title.

These rules apply to everyone EQUALLY. We've had some members who've been here awhile, some who started here before they could even drive. These rules apply to those members as equally as they do a member who has been here 1 day. As stated in 17, we are not perfect, and we cannot live on here 24/7. There is a report post button, but please use this only if it deserves it.
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