work completed so far (an ongoing list)

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work completed so far (an ongoing list)

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Ok. Starting this list over again...

July 25, 2021:
1. Found and installed the old anti-rice logo on all 4 of the themes
2. Installed mchat, birthday notification (birthday cake appears next to username when it's their bday), topic icon index (shows newest topics replied to), and annual star (star appears next to username after a year, and changes to a different color each year)
3. Installed 1978, 1978 White, 1978 Amber, and dvGFX themes
4. Added new categories and forums from the old AR, including descriptions to make it look more like AR

July 25, 2021 Continuation:

1. Added a mod that allows admins to see activity the last 24 hours as far as people who have touched the forum, logged in, created, etc. It is at the bottom of the index page. (this is only viewable by admins)
2. Added a PM Welcome message in case we decide to start modding registration. (also only for admins)
3. Added the ability to search a user's topics that they have started or posted in through their profile.
4. Added the ability to see topics that may be similar to each other based off of titles and wording. We don't have enough posts to test this out, yet.

July 26, 2021:

1. Added a mod that allows you to change your style format without going into control panel. It's along the top, under private messages.
2. Added a mod that allows you to determine how many topics you see per page.
3. Added a mod that lets you know how close you are to filling up your PM box.

August 25, 2021:

1. Added an extension that opens external links in another window
2. Added an extension that allows you to upload an image to imgur and then immediately include it in a post/signature
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