Did a little work on the Firebird today...

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Did a little work on the Firebird today...

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I had to replace the front, passenger's side marker/turn signal lamp connector. It looked like there had been a fire in it, it was so burned out. The only part left that worked was when I had the headlights on.

Then I tried to replace the driver's side window motor...only to find they riveted the damn thing to the door. Now, normally that isn't an issue...unless you don't have a rivet gun. They LOVE rivets on this car. Riveted the window motor to the door, riveted the speakers to their holders...I wonder what else they riveted in! Fortunately, my friend has one and will be loaning it to me this weekend.

Then, after I replaced the bulb connector, I turned on the headlights, checked all bulbs, turned off the headlights, only to find out the passenger side headlight gear is stripping and making an awful grinding sound. So metal ones will now be ordered. When it rains, it pours!
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